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I have to say that was am awesome 4 year experience for me! I joined on a dare from a friend and I was a Gold member for free! I didn't have a photo, but I went on plenty of dates and dated 2 guys, 1 for 3 years and 1 for a year! I always said I would delete my account once it stopped being stopped being free, but that didn't stop all the guys from contacting me with their personal emails, since they knew I couldn't... Read more

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Dear staff, After several days of perusing your website and seeing what seemed to be tens of thousands of active users showing as being “ONLINE” and receiving a few winks and being “Hotlisted” by a few female members indicating there was some interest in my profile from the opposite sex, I purchased a “Gold” membership in the hopes of being able to connect with some of these individuals and see where things led from there. Since... Read more

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I know I worked there not on the chat but worked i was accepting pictures and allowing profiles and creating fake profiles from girls with pictures. There is not the girl writing only men writing pretending to be the girl is on the pics. Just be careful you will never have a real date. I want to give people his name and phone number he live in Costa Rica, he is rich because people like you made him rich he abused of people needs. I hope someone... Read more

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A week and 60 bucks plus tax later and 3 e-mails promising to up date info, still nothing. To be honest I used this site 5 yrs. ago to meet the Hottie I am with now ! We wanted to spice it up a bit by looking for a occasional 3rd lady to play with us. I had no trouble using the site 5 yrs. ago, so We thought....hey give it a try again. Needless to say we are very disappointed! So ya know it's not the 60 bucks, it's the fact that either a new... Read more

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I received 5 messages (some multiple) from attractive girls - all were fake. Their scam is to send you multiple phony shill messages which you can only answer if you pay up for the premium service. After you pay up. - There is no response from anyone. This is a crime. I was a victim I hope this helps someone and keeps them from throwing their money away. It's amazing that they can get away with this without criminal prosecution. If anyone has... Read more

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Joined when I saw my 'man' on there. Sent him a message - yes, to set him up to get caught. Checked his account & he never got it, yet he had others from before & after the time I sent mine (probably from bots/hookers). Just proves they're a scam (and that he's a cheater who won't get real messages). I had looked at 4 pages to find his, and sent one message. Within one day my account was blocked for abuse. The message wasn't a mean... Read more

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I got sucked in like the rest of you guys.have you noticed there are no bad reviews from women.same *** as the rest of you guys I had beautiful 21 yr old from colfax, .ca tell me she was in my state and close to my town didn't here from her for two days after three emails and when I did. She asked me what state I was in again.scam fellas I don't need to get hit in the head with scrok to know it'd not and I repeat do not send any money to... Read more

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I'm Strongly HAPPY with *** matches as the mother of my Daughter was a member there we met 6 years ago She's not just my wife she's my best friend and soul mate (FORHM2000) I LOVE AND MISS YOU BABY!!! YOUR EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT MOMMYZ!!!!

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*** Match is a fraud. Do not send them any money. Take note that girls in your city or hometown NEVER respond to you and if you offer to visit those faraway ones who wink at you they disappear instantly. I travel internationally often and so am able to visit faraway ladies and in EVERY CASE they disappear whenever I advise them that I will be visiting there hometown and would like to meet them face to face. They cannot meet you because they... Read more

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I signed up for free on and noticed that I was receiving messages and winks. Here is my advice, do not pay them to scam you. If someone says they met someone on then they just paid for an adult escort service. This site is full of adult escort services. If you are willing to spent 60.00 dollars to be a so called gold member on for three months and fork out 900-1000 dollars for the adult escort... Read more

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